Registered Martial Arts Professionals

Martial Arts Professionals
Proven Results

No theories, No Philosophy, No Guessing! Professional membership will help grow your business, increase student retention, train your staff, keep you focused on whats important, hold you accountable to constant growth & improvement.

We serve schools by offering:

  • Developing a culture of growth & success
  • Business management
  • Financial management
  • Monthly marketing package
  • Business mentoring
  • Weekly email
  • Staff training
  • Business seminars
  • Developing a systems driven school
  • Web sites
  • Insurance advice on the best deals
  • Martial arts supplies
  • Retention systems & products
  • Professional network
  • Marketing strategies & campaigns
  • Results!

............The POWER OF IDEAS

Four Types of Membership are available;

1:ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP $300 for 12 months provides the following benefits;

  • basic plan: email ma business mentor/coach
  • regular emails
  • email networking
  • professional instructor's recognition
  • opportunity to upgrade to Gold Membership anytime over your 12 month basic membership plan
  • courses & so much more

"The more you learn the more you earn" copyright fari salievski 2004

Gold membership is our most popular,you receive the following;

$178.95 per month provides all of the above plus the following benefits:

  • School Growth Package every month
    (click on the MA Success Professional Package page for full product details.
  • Full rights to use Trade Mark names such as Dr Terrence Webster-Doyle's Bully Buster System", "Reality Based Training - RBT" to name a few.
  • Opportunity to become regional directors & or course centres
  • Opportunity to attend the International Martial Arts Supershow Las Vegas, USA.
  • Opportunity to attend the Australian Martial Arts Industry Supershow.
  • MA Success Professional Subscription provides Full membership access to
  • Phone or "face to face" MA Business mentoring every month
  • Martial Arts Professional school,instructor & staff recognition.

A huge list of benefits including special rates for uniforms, badges etc. Plus the very best from Century including belts ,uniforms & the worlds largest DVD library.
Why join at all ?

It's a fact that the top 5% of people in our industry have made it a habit to continually search for and learn everything they can in order to sharpen their skills in their becoming leaders in their field. To be like them then you too should seek out information and spend whatever it takes to get it.
For the more established people, the upper echelon, a seasoned marketing genius and martial arts service provider, there is always a great temptation to rest on your laurels. After all, how many different ways are there to get a new student, answer the phone, provide a demonstration, teach a technique? After 10 or 15 years you've seen and heard them all. To all of you who find yourself in this position, I say listen carefully to the following statement:

Your current success formula has got you to where you are,if you don't like the result then you had better change your formula.

You must continue to research things as it will have a critical effect or at the very least limit your business growth and potential income.

Stay informed and be part of a world wide industry network, after all, are we not in the information age? Discover the power of ideas by becoming a member today.

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For more info or contact our office today ph: 0414 253 513

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