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Martial Arts University® “Giving your school the combative edge”
Martial Arts Professionals members exclusive

Martial Arts University® “Giving your school or gym the combative edge”

This is great for multi style martial art schools that want to add extra value to their training by awarding not just another 1st degree but a degree in your art.

In addition professional turn key programs are designed to increase memberships by offering a greater range of classes/services.

Many of our programs/systems come with area exclusivity for registered martial arts professional schools. Plus we can also offer all of the following; Martial Arts Professional Schools now have the opportunity to complete the following courses or purchase programs;

Kickboxing Combatives
Basic: Combat or fitness this is awesome.

Free DVD & class structure to get martial arts professionals members started and teaching classes!

Jet Kickboxing
Only $199:95

Includes ;

- Kickboxing Professional manual
- exclusive 5 level DVD system with world champion kickboxing legend “Benny the Jet"
- Special introductory offer includes 12 months online subscription giving you unlimited access to view and learn from over 1000 video clips (translating to hundreds of hours) of class sessions taught by Benny "the Jet" Urquidez.(valued at $30/month U.S dollars Absolutely FREE)

Sensei Benny is available for seminars, instructor certification.

Jet Kickboxing… find out more!

Benny the Jet Bio

Sensei Benny has created his competition-tested and battle - proven system, Sensei Benny teaches you to discard inferior techniques and apply only those that function under any kind of situation or pressure.

Not only is this system incredibly effective, it also bears the distinction of being the only New Age System of martial arts recognized by the governing bodies of Japan as an official martial art.

Now Sensei Benny is offering his wisdom and hard-earned knowledge with you.

His invitation, "Forget what you know and remember what you have learned," is an invitation to walk hand in hand with him as he invites you and thousands of others to come with him and partake of the decades of martial arts knowledge of a living legend.

Muay Thai Professional
Only $395.95 Aus Free Shipping (# $349 u.s)

The complete set with everything you need to take your students from white belt to black belt in the exciting art of Muay Thai!

Master H.D. Tran shows you how to incorporate authentic Muay Thai into your curriculum to add an exciting new dimension to your program. This style is designed for EVERYONE to participate and enjoy the benefits of traditional Muay Thai. Safe, powerful and effective - your students will love this program so much they will bring their friends and family to join.

This curriculum has been developed and tested in the classroom with students of all ages and abilities. The time is now to capitalize on the trends that are revolutionizing the martial arts business. Get the word out - EVERYONE can do it! Authentic Muay Thai training is not just for elite level fighters in dingy gyms any more. Millions of people are being exposed to martial arts and they want to try it - now they can and YOU can help them fulfill their dreams. Empower your students to be successful. Show them the power of REAL Muay Thai through a safe, healthy system that emphasizes fitness, respect and self development with IMMEDIATE results. Kids and Adults alike LOVE this program because they GET INTO THE ACTION right from the start.

You will have more new students and more retention than ever before. Master Tran takes you through his breakthrough curriculum step by step so you can put it to work for you immediately. Each section is explained and organized so it's easy for instructors at any level to implement right away.

Listen To What The Experts Are Saying About This Groundbreaking Program:

Kyoshi Steve LaVallee - CEO / President Martial Arts University International, "Master Tran has put together a cutting edge Muay Thai Curriculum that is broken down into a step by step Belt Level format that can be used in any professional Martial Arts school. Whether you want to use it as a supplemental program, or as your primary curriculum...this series can help you implement Muay Thai into your school."

Kyusho Combatives-Pressure points for self defence & security
A safe way everyone can learn to handle aggressive people using pressure points.

Kyushu combatives (pressure points) instructor training includes the perfect intro, student manuals, badges & logos, certification. Full support making your training and teaching easy.

Filipino Combatives-Stix4Kids™
• Complete Children’s curriculum • Complete adults curriculum

Professional Association • Suburb Exclusivity • certification • training support • logo and naming rights • product support

Stix 4 Kids™ is a fun curriculum for young students, designed to build excitement, increase confidence and improve coordination. Watch your youth programs’ retention soar with this fun curriculum. Use Stix 4 Kids™ as an add-on to your existing programs or as a stand-alone curriculum. Generate additional revenue with Stix 4 Kids™ special events and seminars.

You will receive:

* 12-week program guide * Valuable teaching tools built into the curriculum * Marketing materials on CD to promote the program * Instructional DVD

Pro MMA ®
Pro MMA ® includes the perfect intro, class outline, member & instructor certificate and full support.

Pro MMA product support includes quality fight shorts in black with white stripe, black with gold stripe, black with blue stripe, black with purple stripe, black with brown stripe, and all black fight shorts with Pro MMA logo. Perfect system for ranking or identifying levels.

Pro MMA fight gloves, shin instep, head gear and boxing gloves also available.

Note: These range of shorts can also be purchased for rank identification in kickboxing & fitness kickboxing.

ATT: American Top Team ®
This is for the very dedicated and the very serious.

- Complete level 1 & @ training system manual with DVD's,support & marketing available
- Full name licensing rights and certification training provided by the world’s largest MMA Fight Team.

Find out more contact Martial Arts Professionals 02 9821 2288

BJJ Combatives ®
BJJ Combatives ® system includes logo, the perfect intro, rotating curriculum, teaching structure and a 12 month plan to BLUE BELT & full certification is provided.

There is a further opportunity for international certification via internet testing for those that want to go down this path.

Why is it different to anything that is currently taught or available?

Structure, planning, direction, set time lines, training for self defence that will support personal safety and MMA applications as well as tournaments. Most if not all BJJ training has a tournament philosophy i.e no defence against punches taught!

Just for Kids
Pre school martial arts 4-6 years

Juniors 7-11 years

Pre Skill (Childrends Curriculum)
• Complete online membership curriculum instruction & support.
• Weekly lessons
• Artwork you can customise
• Weekly student work sheets
• You can put your name or logo to this system!
• This is a U.S membership that will be set up for exclusively for you by Martial Arts Professionals.
• Free 1 month trial on request.

Little (Lil)Dragons® (PreSchool Martial Arts)
• Suburb Exclusivity
• Certification
• Training support, manuals, DVD’s
• Become an official registered & recommended Little Dragons school
• Retail product suppo& uniforms supplied exclusively by Century Australia.

Kid Kick ® Champions (Children’s Martial Arts)
• Suburb Exclusivity
• Certification
• Training support,manuals.
• Become an official registered & recommended school
• Retail product support
T-Shirts, badges or uniforms;Century Australia is the only official supplier.

• Suburb Exclusivity • Certification • Training support

Find out more

NSS -Non Striking Solutions®
• Verbal Self Defence : Doctor Terrence Webster Doyle offers 3 manuals with work books covering 5-8, 9-12 years, teenagers and parents handbook. There is also a series of DVD’s we recommend available through Century Australia.

• NSS Bully Free Certification Course; What if Verbal self defence did not work? it’s time to defend the violent free way!

MA Business Course
• How to conduct a trial program and intro tour for adults, children and parents with a 97% conversation rate. • How to design and run an after school martial arts and character development program that earns over $60,000 per year.

All these systems and ideas are currently being used and have been tested in commercial applications. Increase your knowledge, your professional services and income.

Call now to find out more!

Accreditation Courses & Certification
Promoting growth and professionalism through education

Gold Standard Black Belt Certification ©
Not just any black belt!

This is a whole system for registered Martial Arts Professionals instructors and their schools.

You will be able to use the “Gold Standard” logo to distinguish a higher level of quality black belts!

MAIA Level 1 Accreditation
MAIA Accreditation
MA Professionals recommends all instructors complete level one accreditation.There are various providers to gain level 1 accreditation,we recommend MAIA.

Recognition as a professional instructor can be gained as maybe required when leasing government owned premises, teaching in schools or PCYC's for example. For information and registration for Level 1 government accreditation courses or to qualify for weapons permits please Click here to visit

NSS -Non Striking Solutions® Security
Zero tolerence -Violence free solutions for security and crowd control now avaialble

Lean & Fit ™ Accreditation Courses
Student handbook Course information Lean and Fit group Classes
• Lean and Fit™ Shadow Boxer™ Group Class
– this course will give you the fundamentals to conducting a group fitness class with the use of shadow boxers for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels.

• Group Fitness martial arts to music classes – this course will provide you with the fundamentals to conducting martial arts to music fitness classes with large groups of various levels of competencies and fitness levels.

• Lean and Fit ® Bag Attack – this course provides you with the fundamentals to conducting martial arts with impact to music classes with the use of wavemasters.

• Lean and Fit® Martial yoga – this course educates you in the combination of traditional Yoga and Pilates with the addition of martial arts movements that incorporate breath control and fluid positions that enhance general well being and recovery from strenuous exercise.

• Lean and Fit® Warrior Yoga - this course educates you in the combination of traditional Yoga and Pilates that specifically enhance martial arts ability, balance and focused breathing for performance enhancement.

• Lean and Fit® MMA Conditioning and Body Shaping classes – this course will provide you with the essential elements to conduct a group class specifically designed to develop strength and fitness conditioning for MMA ring readiness.

Lean and Fit® body Shaping Course This course covers the fundamentals of conducting an 8 week fat reduction and strength and conditioning course for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels. You will learn the critical success factors scientifically proven in exercise for cardiovascular health, resistance training, nutritional guidance and mindset to develop healthy routines and reduce unhealthy habits. The course will cover the correct use of the following equipment;
• TRX - TRX stands for “ Total Resistance body exercise” ,it’s a suspension system using your body weight and stabilisers. TRX Suspension Training gives beginners, athletes, military personnel and fitness pros around the world a complete total-body training tool and the cutting-edge training programs they need to take their performance to the next level.

We also cover the following:
- Resistance bands - Kettle bells - Swiss Balls - Balance Disc - Power Bars - Steppers - No equipment body resistance training

Contact Frank Monea for more info on how you can become a Lean & Fit Accredited instructor,Mb: 0419 004 660 Or Martial Arts Professionals on 02 9821 2288

Martial Fitness
Complete systems,training,licensing & full support for what level of experience or size of school

Lean & Fit ™ Program
If you are looking for something new and different to offer at your school or gym try Lean & Fit™!

Learn step-by-step how to set up and implement this exciting, revenue building program. The 10-week program will help your members, their friends and their families lose weight and increase their fitness and stamina. They will look and feel better and thank you for making it possible!


* Potential to add $100,000 to your school gross in the first year * Increase community awareness about the risks of obesity

You will receive:

* Operations Manual * 2 instructional DVDs * 10 student manuals * 10 full color brochures * 10 certificates * CD containing ads

Call 02 9821 2288 now for more info.

Plus all the quipment you will need supplied by Century Australia

Shadow boxer™ Accreditation course
1. Level one group fitness classes
2. Level two shadow boxer integration with body shaping resistance classes
3. Level three sport specific enhancement training – eg working with an athlete boxer/martial artist

All Shadowboxer equipment supplied by Century Martial Arts Ph: 02 9821 288

Cage Fitness®
Cage Fitness™ For Men & Women

Cage Fitness™ is a complete workout program that is designed to cater to people at all levels of fitness. Cage Fitness™ is based on the structure of a championship MMA Bout.

Every session of Cage Fitness™ will give you a total body workout that includes rounds focusing on;Endurance,Strength,Power & Core

Every round incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic exercises that will help maximise burning fat while also gaining muscle.This system of training allows the participant to burn more calories while increasing ones metabolism.

Cage Fitness™ is endorsed and tested by 9 time welterweight champion Matt Huges.

There is no contact in Cage Fitness™ or working with partners.It is a program designed for individuals to work at their own pace that has exercices that are safe for men and women.

Ready to take the Matt Hughes Challenge?

Ready to have a complete professional fitness program for your school or gym?

Then get ready to become a licensed Cage Fitness™ Centre!
You can visit the Cage Fitness Website for more info: Click Here..

Martial Arts Professionals Systems
Success driven systems designed to bring out the best in you,your school & students

ABC's of Success
Cost: $159.99

Birthday in a box
Birthday in a box is one of many programs offered at Martial Arts Professionals. Call us at 0414 253 513 to get more information about this and other programs we offer.

Grappling for kids
Grappling for kids is one of many programs offered at Martial Arts Professionals. Call us at 0414 253 513 to get more information about this and other programs we offer.

Bully Buster Parent Guide
Bully Buster Parent Guide is one of many programs offered at Martial Arts Professionals. Call us at 0414 253 513 to get more information about this and other programs we offer.

Business is business
Passion & profit...great reading authored by Mr Frank Silverman,head of the Marial Arts Industry association USA

Character training & development
Let the Kovars show you how to turn a five-minute huddle into a valuable learning tool! Character Training and Development will assist you with delivering high-powered lessons focused on character enrichment. You will receive four months of lessons covering attitudes, self-control, habits, and manners.

Character for kids
Character for kids is one of many programs offered at Martial Arts Professionals. Call us at 0414 253 513 to get more information about this and other programs we offer.

Fusion-Theme based rotating curriculum
Fusion™ is the perfect theme-based, rotating curriculum that will excite and educate martial artists! Students will learn the history and training techniques of various martial art styles from around the world. This program can be utilized as an adult program for all belt levels or as a children’s program highlighting its Kid Smart safety program!

Heroes in waiting
Encourage the hero within and ignite your students’ powers. This compelling and life-changing curriculum will transform your school, students and community into a realm defined by heroism as you unveil the true identity of what it means to be Heroes in Waiting. This one-of-a-kind curriculum provides many benefits such as:
  • Increased revenues through enrollment and lead generation.
  • Opportunities to market your school in private and public schools with an important community-building message.
  • Add character-building value to your classes through lessons on kindness, compassion, empathy, and courage.
  • Access to exclusive Heroes in Waiting promotional items.

Program Includes:

  • School Talks presentation guide.
  • Customizable marketing materials.
  • 12 weeks of character-focused mat chat topics.
  • 4-step marketing plan to host a Heroes in Waiting, open-house event.
  • Flyers to advertise your event.
  • Variety of inspirational posters.
  • Voice mail script for promoting your event.
  • Activity sheet with guest pass to promote your school.
  • Press release for local news and radio.
  • Letters and email templates.
  • Newsletters for youth, teens, and parents.
Cost: $299

Home school curriciculum
The Home School Martial Arts & Fitness Program, developed by Scott Templeton, is geared towards helping martial art instructors provide home school families with a new and fun way to earn

Upgrade Systems-Black Belt Club
Upgrade Systems-Black Belt Club is one of many programs offered at Martial Arts Professionals. Call us at 0414 253 513 to get more information about this and other programs we offer.

Upgrade systems-Masters Club
Upgrade systems-Masters Club is one of many programs offered at Martial Arts Professionals. Call us at 0414 253 513 to get more information about this and other programs we offer.

judo-Level 1
Looking for something new and different to add to your school? Five-time Olympian, Mike Swain, presents his Judo and Grappling Curriculum Level One, which is simple to follow, easy to implement, and value packed! Mike Swain has compiled everything you need to build into or improve the basic judo and grappling curriculum in your school.

Judo-Level 2
Judo and Grappling Curriculum Level One was so successful that Mike Swain created Judo and Grappling Curriculum Level Two, complete with new skills and drills that safely add more fun to any program. As with Level One, this program comes with a direct line of communication with Mike Swain.

Martial Arts Career Training
Dave and Tim Kovar wil help you develop an even better, winning instructional team with Martial Arts Career Training! Let the Kovars show you how to empower your staff with the skills you want displayed in your school. Your staff will learn positive teaching techniques, high tech communication skills, effective drills, and discover why a winning attitude will increase retention.

Mastering the art of combative weapons
Mastering the Art of Combative Weapons teaches beginning students how to use combative weapons in a safe and fun manner. Students will learn the fine points of handling weapons through the use of padded weapons.

Programing for profit
Programing for profit is one of many programs offered at Martial Arts Professionals. Call us at 0414 253 513 to get more information about this and other programs we offer.

School safe-street safe
You teach kids how to protect themselves, but do you teach them how to avoid the fight? School Safe/Street Safe is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow system designed to teach children how to trust their awareness and instincts, avoid confrontation and conflict, resolve situations peacefully, and avoid lures.

School talks
Barry Van Over demonstrates how you can get into public schools and capture leads on prospective students. This program will show you how to enhance your professional reputation, increase your student base while educating your community, and explain how to overcome objections about martial arts being too violent for kids.

Torch program
Created by Olympic Gold Medalist Herb Perez, the TORCH program is designed to accommodate the flexible needs of martial art schools, and the material can be broken down and taught in a way that best meets the needs of your school and your students. This elite curriculum can increase enrollment, retention, and upgrades by generating interest from students desiring to compete in tournaments and prepare for the Junior Olympics -- or merely experience Olympic-style training.

Hapkido Combatives
Combining Hapkido's traditional locking,throwing and kicking techniqies with kickboxing,clinching and ground submissions.

Complete training student training manual and dvd system to 4th dan.

Professional membership and certification now available.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our programs or would like to know about other programs that may not be listed here.

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